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  • Jia-Yau Shiau

    Jia-Yau Shiau

    Energetic Data Scientist & ML Engineer.

  • Dong Wang

    Dong Wang

    Software Engineer, computer vision, machine learning, search, recommendation, algorithm and infrastructure.

  • 用圖片高效學程式


    Hi, I am a web developer and Youtuber. Here is my channel. Welcome to visit!

  • Tommy Huang

    Tommy Huang

    怕老了忘記這些吃飯的知識,開始寫文章記錄機器/深度學習相關內容。黃志勝 Chih-Sheng Huang (Tommy), mail:

  • GoatWang


    AI Engineer. LinkedIn:

  • Benson Sun

    Benson Sun

    MatrixDAO Founder / FTX Community Partner /

  • Wenchin


    Software engineer | wanderer

  • PJ Wang

    PJ Wang

    台大資工所碩畢 / 設計思考教練 / 系統思考顧問 / 資料科學家 / 新創 / 科技 + 商業 + 使用者

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